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Rasa Malaya!

A leading food and beverage manufacturer in Malaysia committed to delivering premium quality dairy, animal, and beverage products at affordable prices.


The Origins of Rasa Malaya

Rasa Malaya is a renowned Malaysian brand committed to crafting exceptional Animal, Beverage, and Dairy Products.

Born during the challenging times of the 2020 Pandemic, we began by providing Malaysians with Frozen Ready-To-Eat Meals, earning their trust and loyalty. Today, we continue to evolve, offering an exquisite range of Free Range Cage-Free Premium Mixed Grade Eggs, Pre-biotic Vitamin C-Packed Jelly and Live-Culture Assorted Yogurts.

Join us on this flavorful journey and experience the taste of Malaysia with Rasa Malaya.

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Happy Customers!

"The best yogurt for my family and I!
It's sooo tasty!"

-Nik Azmi, 30

"Truly Malaysia taste! Easy to serve and delicious meal with affordable price! It is really suitable for career woman like me to have a proper yummy meal and only need few minutes easy steps to prepare it."

-Alice, 28

"Telur best juga! Rasa dia sedap dan sihat."

- Amira Razli, 35

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